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Date – 08/06/2021

GO Sharing launches in Düsseldorf and Cologne

Dutch scale-up installs 1,000 shared e-mopeds in Germany.

June 2, 2021 – This weekend, GO Sharing launches in Düsseldorf. The Dutch scale-up in electric shared transport will start with the placement of 400 green shared e-mopeds. It is the second German city, next to Saarbrücken, where GO Sharing will offer its services. GO Sharing will also start in Cologne in mid-June. According to CEO Pouwels, it is ‘the beginning of a series of launches in German cities’.


Düsseldorf and Cologne are second and third in a series of German cities where GO Sharing will offer its sustainable sharing service. The company announced in April that it had received an investment of €50 million. The investment is intended for international expansion. In addition, GO Sharing will make its offering of shared transport multimodal with e-bikes and electric cars.


The Dutch scale-up is on a mission to change transportation behaviour worldwide and hopes to see personal vehicle ownership diminish in favour of on-demand use of shared vehicles. Germany is an important European link for the company in its sustainable mission.


A green planet with mobility by everyone, for everyone
Earlier this year, GO Sharing started its international expansion in Austria (Vienna) and Belgium (Antwerp). In May, the company announced that it will also launch in Germany, with Saarbrücken as the first city. The Dutch scale-up now offers 6,000 electric mopeds in more than 30 cities.


GO Sharing CEO Raymon Pouwels says: ‘Our motto is: “a green planet with shared mobility by everyone, for everyone”. We aspire to change the global attitude towards mobility from personal vehicle ownership to on-demand use. Our aim is to provide accessible shared door-to-door transportation to users around the globe. We would like to stimulate the use of shared electric mopeds and e-bikes for inner-city trips and electric cars for intercity and interregional journeys. We will be offering our services in more German cities in the upcoming months.’

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